VC offering on-campus Mid-Coast Family Services counseling

Victoria College’s Advising & Counseling Services Department is teaming with Mid-Coast Family Services to offer on-campus counseling to VC students.

Counselors are available each Tuesday at Victoria College’s Main Campus from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Room 105B of the Student Services Building.

“The counselors have canvassed the campus a few times to hand out flyers and explain what services are provided,” said Melanie Gerdes, VC counselor. “They will come more often if there is a need.”

“Victoria College has maintained a partnership with Mid-Coast Family Services for quite some time,” said VC Dean of Student Services Dr. Edrel Stoneham. “Advising & Counseling Services has increasingly been referring out students to Mid-Coast for additional support at their various locations.”

The services will be available to students seeking advocacy and support in areas including domestic violence, sexual assault, chemical dependency, food, clothing, housing and utilities.

“Victim advocates can accompany students to hospitals and when talking with law enforcement,” Gerdes said. “Mid-Coast has many different departments that the counselors can connect the students to.” 

“Oftentimes, life situations can impact a student’s success in the classroom, and Victoria College is committed to ensuring that we do what we can to support our students’ needs, which translates to success in the classroom for our  students,” Stoneham said.

For more information, contact Gerdes at (361) 582-2572 or email her at